‘Waltz While We Sleep’ by Birds of Passage#SundaySoother , Birds of Passage is in heavy rotation in my #SleepTimeJams selection lately.
‘Rainbow Road’ by Emily Reoa brightly colored jam for your friday.  Enjoy.  http://emilyreo.com/
‘Afore’ by Smokey EmerySmokey Emery, from a tape release I just picked up.  #Holodeck
‘Was It A Dream’ by Marissa NadlerFinally seeing Marissa Nadler, Tonight! #gigjam
‘Run With The Wolves’ by Never Sol#CzechRepublic find.  On #DenovaliRecords , more: https://soundcloud.com/neversol
‘No Darkness’ by Broken Twinmy last @brokentwinmusic jam was not that long ago, but can’t resist the new video version…
‘Three and a Half Seconds About Life’ by Eran Hilleliso I missed #birdmonth, #birdmonth is over.  R.I.P. birdies… #animationjam
‘Braid. Wind Is Coming’ by TasseomancyTasseomancy’s new LP (winter 2014) is one of my more looked forward to #magical releases this year.
‘Non Non Non’ by CHA CHA GUITRI… pas question! #1981 (repressed by #BornBadRecords).  Bonus if the phrase immediately makes you think of a french film too.  ;-)
‘Not Up to Me’ by Kandlenew vid. :-) from @KandleOsborne
‘Natasha Kmeto’ by BuriedSo torn!  I want to go see Natasha tonight, but I also have to work super early tomorrow!  (and didn’t sleep proper last night).
‘514 376-9230’ by Essaie PasI can’t tell you how long this tab has been open, eons, and glad it was!
‘Murmurs’ by Hundred WatersWill be thanking the cosmos for the pleasure of my 3rd Hundred Waters live experience tonight.  Wishing I could have made it to the ultimate one though: http://youtu.be/gmvkjPrXvwI  #MagicMonday
‘Blood Song’ by Jessie WilliamsonHad a lovely solstice evening with @crossrecord and @jessiewilliamson tonight.  #localjam
‘MAGIC MEDICINE’ by Cloud Coverwhoops, expanded my tiny #tape collection by 2 today.  Thanks to Jenny Tuite, Ritual Tapes, and Family Time Records.