‘Midnight Ghost’ by Francisco Fernandez (Ferocious Few)#goodfriday jam for you.  Met this gentleman a couple weeks ago over conversations of shared friends and housing in SF.
‘Esthétique privée’ by Marie DavidsonMarie Davidson!  Yes please.  #darkfrench
‘I Feel Love’ by Forget Me Note (Airlines)a most unexpected entry in the #foundmefirst category.  #cover #acapella . In flight services by @FMNairlines
‘Cavity’ by Hundred WatersWho is ready for some celestial lunar shifting of the nocturnal light?  I know @100waters is!  #eclipsejam #tetrad
‘The Weight Comes’ by Sophie Jamiesonwas an instant purchase thanks to discovery via @melissapulos !!
‘Sigh’ by Valentin Stip#longjam #2014 #otherpeoplerec
‘Reservations’ by To Be HonestJana Horn (Reservations) opening for the much awaited Sarah Neufeld tonight! #anticipation #localjam #gigjam
‘Black Cat’ by Cross Recordmight as well stick with the #cats theme , also enjoyed Emily’s set the other night! @crossrecord
‘White Cat’ by Camilla SparksssBarbara’s alter ego dropped her LP yesterday.  Been on the wishlist for eons! @camillasparksss
‘Validation’ by Julia LucilleJulia Lucille + Cross Record tonight!  (if I get off work in time) #gigjam #localjam
‘Sun And Moon Dance’ by Philip Grasssomewhere between beats and meditative field recordings.
‘titletrack’ by dakimhttps://soundcloud.com/leavingrecords/dakim-title-track
‘Sarajevo’ by Max Richterbeen putting in a Ballet all week.  Opens tonight.  This jam is part of the 3rd act music.  ;-)
‘Urchin’ by Labyrinth Ear is my new jam.
‘Surfi’ by DVAone more from the showcase I most wish I hadn’t missed last week.